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30+ Marketing & SEO Chrome Extensions Marketers Really Use

30+ Marketing & SEO Chrome Extensions Marketers Really Use

We created the BuzzSumo marketing and SEO chrome extension back in 2015, just around the time that Twitter started hiding its share data.

It’s a nifty plugin that gives you access to content performance insight as you browse, so you can research on the go.


  • Twitter shares
  • Facebook engagements
  • Pinterest pins
  • Reddit engagements
  • Total Engagements
  • Evergreen Score
  • Number of Links
  • Sharers 
  • Backlinks 
  • Content by Author
  • Most Shared Content 
  • Website analysis

You can also dive deeper into the data by jumping into the platform, or even bank your favorite articles by saving to a project.

This extension is great for investigating top-ranking SERP content, and dissecting the content strategies of your competitors.

Use it as part of a 10x skyscraper strategy, to find and build upon content that performs best in three key areas; links, shares, and rankings.

The BuzzSumo extension is a firm favorite of marketers and PRs across the Twittersphere…

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