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9 Mountains Of Traffic: Discover The 9 Sources Of Internet Traffic | Learn To Leverage Their Powerful Resources | Scale Your Online Income Today

9 Mountains Of Traffic: Discover The 9 Sources Of Internet Traffic | Learn To Leverage Their Powerful Resources | Scale Your Online Income Today

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Do you need traffic to your website or online product? It might surprise you, but did you know there are only 9 unique types of Internet Traffic? Five types are free and four types are paid. The 9 Mountain framework will simplify and organize how you approach getting traffic.

it’s no secret e-commerce is a proven way to generate income, build a strong business, and a comfortable retirement. But without the ability to generate lots of your own traffic, you are at the mercy of Amazon, eBay or other larger marketplaces.

That’s why for the first time ever, I’m sharing our 9 Mountains of Traffic framework. This is a training that has previously only been shared with my mastermind group and one-on-one coaching clients that pay me thousands of dollars for this strategic advice. I’ve documented this process in one easy to follow 48-page e-book — so you can quickly learn the framework, and begin generating traffic today.

One important note For Amazon & eBay Sellers: This book explains a secret strategy that I first learned on eBay and can be used on the large marketplaces very effectively. I’ve taught my students to use it on every marketplace including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart.com and more. You don’t have to sell on Shopify to implement these techniques.

Get the e-book and start generating a powerful stream of Internet traffic today. This model takes you way beyond the old-fashioned "Paid, Earned, Owned" model. It is out-dated and it’s time has passed. The 9 Mountains of Traffic is the Internet Traffic model for the internet age.

What You’re Getting

Why adding "Traffic Master" to your list of credentials should be your next step.

Insights into the original and best source of online traffic, do you know what it is?

How Broadcast Marketing is different than email marketing, and why you should be cautious.

What is "Branded Browsing" and how can you leverage it?

The evolution of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) strategy and how you can benefit in today’s marketplace.

How to prioritize your efforts and optimize your work when using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and the latest social media platforms.

The magic and mystery of Organic Referral Traffic. This is a source you could make millions from – and sometimes by accident!

Why using a Product Launch strategy, regardless of your traffic sources, is critical.

How I get Amazon to send me traffic FOR FREE, and how you can too. No tricks. No gimmicks – and it’s 100% within their stated goals and Terms.

Why you should never use Paid Traffic (either on Google or Facebook) as a first step, but also, when to use it – and how to use it effectively.

The fastest way to get paid traffic strategies working for you.

Plus additional BONUS content:

Your Implementation Guide – Exactly how to put these principles into action TODAY!

Where To Start Recommendation #1 (this will probably surprise you).

Where To Start Recommendation #2 (it’s free and works incredibly well).

Where To Start Recommendation #3 (last month I used this technique to generate 1.2 Million views to my content – and my clients are scaling up really quickly too).

Plus, I’ve included 3 Super Strategies that are proven to work at an incredible level:

Super-Strategy #1 – which I learned from one of the all-time best online marketers in the world.

Super-Strategy #2 – you’ve probably heard about this one (since it made Kylie Jenner a Billionaire) but you’ve probably NEVER done it before, I’ll show you how.

Super-Strategy #3 – This strategy is rarely used compared to other traffic generating methods, and it works great!

If you liked Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson, then you’ll love The 9 Mountains Of Traffic.

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