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Edit website on subnet server, deploy finalized changes to hosted server?

Hey guys. Totally new here. Bought 3/yrs of Bluehost hosting and although they’ve been simple, as my needs have changed I’ve gotten increasingly more upset. They’re SLOW. I’m building a site in WP and I find every click or page save takes 5-10 seconds. If I need to navigate through 5 subpages, it takes me a minute before I even start doing something!

Anyway, I have an ESXi virtualization server. I was thinking that since I have so much hp left untapped (100% util for 3 days/mo, 2690v2), I can use it to edit locally, and then deploy to hosting.

I’m wondering what people recommend to set up localized hosting, and FTP clients that would allow me to only publish changes. This way I’d have a live backup of the site locally, make the changes on my subnet, and then copy the changes to the hosted folder. Any advice would be appreciated.

For what it’s worth I am currently looking into switching to Knowhost (2 domains with 2 subdomains. 2 WP sites and 2 MediaWiki sites). Any advice would be appreciated. Or if anyone has WP on know host and can vouch.

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