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Fiverr Affiliate Program βž• Free Traffic βœ” Make Money Online πŸ’²πŸ’²

I am Going to show you How to Use The Fiverr affiliate program and free traffic methods to make money online.
βœ… https://howtowebwork.com/affiliatetraffic/
In This short fiverr course, You Will need 3 Things to implement this strategy:
1- Find a Fiver Gig that is selling like crazy.
2- Find prospects that are looking and willing to pay for that same service. We do this to increase the affiliate conversion rate with this Targeted traffic.
3- Use free traffic methods to connect the two and make commissions in the process.

This is a good way to learn how to make money on fiverr without skills.
So, If You Really want to learn how to make money with fiverr affiliate program, Then :

βœ… 1- REGISTER AS A FIVERR AFFILIATE https://howtowebwork.com/fiverraffiliates
βœ… 2- Start Promoting this YOUTUBE VIDEO INTRO GIG https://bit.ly/2IbnyCd
This is one of the best fiverr gigs to make money.

I will make youtube high quality intro or outro.
I used it myself and i am happy with the result.
If You Look at This Gig you will see that it has a very good reputation
5 Orders in Queue
And a Tonne of thanks and good comments
If You can sell this Fiverr Gig you get lots of fiverr affiliate earnings.

βœ… Now you can head to fiverr affiliate program and make your affiliate link for this gig.

βœ… Shorten your affiliate link Using any free service that you prefer.

Now it is time to do some fiverr gig promotion.
You need to promote that link to the right audience.
In This fiverr tutorial , I will mention 2 places where you can promote the Fiverr gig
But I am sure You can find tons of other ways to promote it.

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βœ… MY BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING TOOLS: https://easyplrmoney.com/tools
βœ… TRAFFIC : https://howtowebwork.com/noclickprofits
βœ… GREAT VALUE PACKAGE: https://howtowebwork.com/plrgoldmineb
βœ… CREATE FREE GRAPHICS: https://snappa.com?afmc=2s4
βœ… HERE IS THE Best Email Marketing Software (GETRESPONSE) https://howtowebwork.com/getresponse

βœ… 1- YOUTUBE
Since this Fiverr gig is about Youtube Intro videos, the prospects must be using YouTube on a Regular basis.
they might be searching for something like :
How to make intro videos
or Where to Buy video intros

Anyways You can make a YouTube video and talk about how good is that fiverr gig is and promote it to Your viewers.

βœ… 2- QUORA
Lots of people are asking questions on quora and looking for answers and solutions.
You Can find questions like : how to make money on fiverr?
So If you can Find the Right Questions and Answer them properly
You can Link back to Your Shorten URL and receive Tons Of targeted visitors with this free traffic method.
and every time someone buys the gig you get a commission and make money online.

What are your best fiverr tips?
What are your fiverr tips and tricks to find a good seller?
Di You Purchase fiverr seo gigs before?
is fiverr ranking and faithfull indication?
What is your favorite fiverr gig seo?





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