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How to Drive Free Traffic from Medium | How to Drive Website Traffic from Medium | Medium Traffic

One of the best things you can do is learn How to Drive Free Traffic from Medium.
Create Amazing, Share-Worthy Content is exacltly How to Drive Website Traffic from Medium.
Getting Free traffic from medium is easy, But you have to be a consistant publisher
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This is, hands down, the best way to get traffic to your website. If you want people to come to your website, you must give them a reason to come.

You’ll want to create awesome content that attracts people and that they feel compelled to share with others. this is how to get website traffic from medium.

If you simply post short, uninspired articles on your blog, you’re not giving people much reason to come to your site or share your content.

Please note that there are millions of pieces of content published each month.
Most of these pieces of content are boring and tepid.
There’s nothing unique, attractive, inherently valuable, or share-worthy about them.

They’re nothing but puff pieces with no real substance to them.
That is Why you have to come up with good quality and engaging content to drive free website traffic from medium.
If you want to get people to visit your site, consider how you can stand out from the crowd.
How can you create content in a way that differentiates you from everyone else?
You need a strategy for being unique and different: tactics for getting people’s attention in a crowded arena like Medium.

how to generate free traffic using medium:

When creating content, ask yourself these questions:

● Would I want to read this content?
● Does this add value to my readers?
● Is this share-worthy?
● Is this different from all the other content that’s being produced?
● Does this content answer the reader’s questions?
● Does it speak to the reader’s pain points?

Here’s the good news about how to generate free traffic using medium.
If you create great content, the rest of your promotional tactics become that much easier.

Your content will practically promote itself on Medium when others see how valuable it is.
People want to share content that is valuable and if you create valuable content, people will promote it for you.

So, focus first and foremost on creating amazing content for your audience on Medium.
If you ignore this tactic, none of the other tactics will produce much by way of results.
If, on the other hand, you double down on making outstanding content, you’ll find the rest of the tactics to be that much more effective.

if You Really want to master how to use medium to drive traffic
Collaborate With Other Content Creators and Medium Publishers.

This is similar to guest posting but with its own unique spin.

You should always be on the lookout for ways to collaborate with other website owners and content creators.
By working with them, you get to benefit from their audience, and you can share your audience with them.

Collaboration is very common in the Medium world and is one way that Medium creators build up their followers base.
Instead of trying to build an audience all by yourself, you can team up with others and mutually benefit each other.

But it doesn’t have to stop there:

● You could appear on someone else’s Story and then you could promote that story on your website.

● You could join a Medium Publisher/creator in one of their articles and then work to promote that story on your own website
and across your social media channels.

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