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How to Give away Free Bonuses for affiliate offers 💰|🎁 How to Get Free Bonuses with Affiliate Offers

How to Give away Free Bonuses for affiliate offers
Live Example Here: https://easyplrmoney.com/instant-profits-club-review-huge-bonus/

👉 47 mrr ebooks HERE https://easyplrmoney.com/plrmegapack/free/
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Give away free bonuses for affiliate offers:

👉 In this video I will show you How to Get Access to a Premium PLR product That I am selling for $17 on Clickbank and Warrior Plus.
Also I will be Offering You 47 MRR ebooks For free
You Can sell Them or Give them away To Build Your List.

👉 But before That Let Talk a little but about this Powerful Bonus Strategy.
When it Comes to affiliate marketing:
This is a Win / Win deal.
👉 1- the affiliate that is promoting an Offer will get more sales By Offering Premium Bonuses.
👉 2- The Buyer is getting the main product that he purchassed Plus the Affiliate Bonuses.
which increases the Value Obtained.
Both are getting more value from this System.

how to obtain free bonuses with affiliate offers:
👉 the Only thing that is important to me is the Quality of the products.
Main Offer and bonuses oofered by the affiliate as well.
Both need to be High Quality.

👉 Now here is a Live example of the bonus system.
give away free ebooks with affiliate offers:
👉 On this page here we can see a revew that i did for an Offer that I puchassed My self
and I found that good, This is of caurse my personal opinion.

👉 So I dicided to promote it.

and what I did is :
👉 I took My Own product that I am selling for $17 on clickbank and warrior plus and I am offering it FREE for those who purchase the main offer through My affiliate link.

so here I am increasing the value because the buyer will have instant access to a Huge amount of content only from My Bonus.
and that he can use in his online projects Regard less of the main Offer.

👉 and that is the hole point

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So if you are promoting Affiliate offers And if you dont have a product to offer as a bonus
well in thgis case You can some Quality PLR product online:
– Rebrand it
– maybe Mix Multiple products to encrease value or add some advanced knowledge to it.

👉 For this you need to find a good PLR provider and take from there.
You can find in this description a short list of some good PLR providers.

Thank you very mutch for staying so far

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