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How to Host a Website for Free with the Power of Amazon S3 Hosting – Host your own website tonight for Free

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How to Design & Host a website for Free is a simple to follow step-by-step guide to creating and hosting a website that anyone can follow. Everyone from web newbie struggling with the mouse to seasoned website designer can benefit from learning these simple techniques that make designing and hosting a website simple and free.

This book is not an 800 page tome that explains everything and nothing, but direct and to the point. It tells you exactly what you need to know to just get your website up and move on.

Hosting a Website can be an expensive business. You could easily spend $30+ a month on a small website and large websites spend thousands. Well the method I outline in this book will make hosting your website virtually free. We will harness the power of Amazon Web Services to host our website efficiently and easily.

– This is a guide for anyone NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE required
– Virtually Free Hosting – If you spend a dime ($0.10) per year hosting I’d be surprised.
– No Maintenance – Set and forget.
– Your website will fly with the power of Amazon.
– No Downtime – If Amazon stays up you stay up.

With laser sighted focus we explain the hosting process in step-by-step detail making the process simple to follow using everyday examples. We slice through the jargon and tech-speak to demystify the web and make it accessible to everyone.

Anyone can benefit because even large websites managers should learn the techniques here that explain how to distribute the load to make your website faster, more secure, more redundant and cheaper to run.

Finally as if that is not enough we will also give you a free website template to make designing your own website much easier.

How to Host a website for Free is a must for anyone interested in building a website. It will save you a fortune in hosting fees and teach you to do it yourself.

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