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How To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2019: With 100% Free Traffic, Even As A Complete Beginner

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How to start affiliate marketing, even as a complete beginner. Many people are confused by how to start the process of earning money through affiliate marketing. It can be overwhelming, confusing, and technical. So this book aims to de-mystify some of the simple strategies that work right now in 2019 and make it as simple as possible for you to follow even as a total beginner. This book covers:1) How to pick a profitable nicheThis is usually where beginners are first lost. How to pick a niche that will be profitable for you, and that you will actually enjoy and be proud of. Also, how to find profitable products inside that niche to promote.2) How to choose profitable keywordsHow to find the keywords that will help you to drive traffic to your affiliate offers and make sales and earn commissions. Keyword research is an essential skill to online business and especially to affiliate marketing.3) How to drive traffic, clicks, and sales. The final piece of the puzzle is to drive traffic from free traffic sources like Youtube, Facebook, and SEO. While volumes could be written about each of these, I’ve chosen the simplest strategies to use to start getting traffic in any niche.

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