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Is Blogging Still Important For Life And Business?

RSS Ground is preparing a major update for its blog posters. And we would like to share some thoughts on blogging and its place in today’s life.

Just recently “blogging” was extremely popular. Personal and business blogs are a part of our everyday’s life that we can hardly remember the times when it was otherwise. However, some may say that today the word “blog” sounds a bit dull. Also, the main reason for that is a new passion of the internet society – social networks. So, can we say that blogging is in the dust and no longer a mainstream?

Why do people blog?

First of all, let’s imagine why people blog. We can list several motivations which would bring you to the idea to start your own blog and keep it updated on a regular basis.

To put in order and refine thoughts and ideas.

Blogging is an excellent way to put thoughts and ideas that are swamping in your head on paper. It is also a good way to train your writing skills. They say that the more you write, the better you can explain your thought to others and even to yourself.

Share knowledge or related information.

Blogs can be the way to provide expertise on a given topic. Gurus and “think tanks” choose blogs as a platform to share their knowledge and advise on the most popular questions. No wonder people love blogs as a place where valuable and most relevant information is concentrated.

Blogs connect us to the tribes.

It is proven that niche blogs filter and unite people interested in a given topic. Moreover, blogs are one of the ways how our “legless generation” is still able to find like-minded people without leaving home. Blogs are publicly accepted. They are the means of communication and education across the borders and spheres of life.

Blogs for business

Small and large businesses don’t avoid blogs. For them, blogs are the source of additional publicity and credibility. Since all businesses now have to be presented online, they have to follow the primary rule of online marketing and SEO, which is “more traffic – more sales”. So, how do you attract more traffic? Right! Publish targeted quality content on the website. And the best way to do it is with a help of a blog.

Blogging vs. social networks

Can we say that blogging is losing the battle to social media? Both, blogs and social networks allow people to share ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Probably it’s easier to build relationships with other people in social networks. That’s why we are observing the phenomena of a crazy following, liking, pinning, and rating.

But is it really easier to convey your thoughts through the crowds of hyping community members? In social networks, your message disappears in minutes or even seconds under the flood of other messages and is lost forever. In blogs, your content stays there until you update it with the new one, and it can even gain more value with time.

Does huge community mean strong community? Fake following and subscribing is standard practice for social networks. However, with blogs, people come to read content over content, to go deeper into the subject. That’s why blogs more likely to have a stronger and targeted audience.

At the same time, if you are serious about blogging, you can’t ignore social networks. Social media amplifies blogs, while blogs can complement and feed social media. If you can mix both, blogs and social media, you can achieve higher results.
You can always have one decent blog and point your social media users to read it, instead of posting the same content in different social networks over again.

Updating blogs and social network accounts can be very time-consuming. If you wish to perform well with your blog and still be active in your social networks, you should think of at least partial automation of the process.

How can automated blogging help

To make your blog noticeable in search results you have to make it well optimized. You also have to update it quite often. Static blogs fall off the search engine ranks very quick. That’s why you have to make posts on a regular basis. Not to mention that your readers always wait for new publications.

If you have several blogs, this can become a challenge to keep them all updated. Even if you have just one blog, sometimes you need a rest, time to recoup, or time for your personal life after all. Automating your blog posting may sound very reasonable in some cases. RSS Ground team is preparing a major update to its Blogger and WordPress automated blog posters, so stay tuned and don’t miss it.

The same way you can automate posts to your social network accounts. You can find it even more useful when you run your blog and don’t wish to waste time for reposting your original content to social media. Simply use your blog feed to automatically share content to all your social network accounts as soon as it appears in your blog. Read how you can automate social network posting with RSS Ground.


Blogging is still very popular. It is a hobby for some and business for other. So many people become famous or make money by running blogs that for some it can be considered a career enhancer or even a life changing path.

Blogging is the most convenient way to bring yourself to the world and share your uniqueness. A blog is still a better way to be ranked well in search engines. Even though you have the matter to serve people in the first place, you have to be well optimized for the “machine” to get noticed by those whom you write for.

Social media can be a powerful amplifier for your blog. It can let you become a huge community influencer or expert. However, to perform well in social networks and with your blog, you always have to keep them all updated. Blog posting automation can be a huge help in terms of saving time and efforts or even be a source of passive income.

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