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Is RSS Really Dead?

RSS was developed in the early days of the web, when syndication was unheard of. It’s now used to glue together advanced services and internet-connected devices. Clearly, RSS isn’t dead, but the way we use it has changed significantly. It may have fallen from favor for news distribution, but it has plenty of other use cases to offer.

Today, 23 million websites currently publish RSS feeds. There’s a modest upward trend, too.

The usage figure is likely boosted by the fact that RSS is switched on by default in WordPress. (WordPress powers 75 million websites, which is around 28% of all websites that we know about.)

Should You Provide an RSS Feed on Your Blog?

Yes. RSS is a valuable open standard that has found a new purpose in our connected world. You might not be able to access detailed analytics, but there are lots of other good reasons to keep it.

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