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Issue Regarding Redirection and URL Shortening

Hey guys,

Newbie webhosting person here. I recently purchased a new domain that I am using for URL shortening. I was able to get YOURLS installed, and I’m using a shared hosting provider.

As an overview, let’s say my primary domain is “exampledomain.com” and my new domain is “examp.le”. YOURLS has a public interface that I don’t want people to access, so I setup a redirect that points “examp.le” to “exampledomain.com”. That part works fine. The problem I’m running into is when I go to a custom url, eg. “examp.le/hello” I get sent back to the redirected [exampledomain.com](https://exampledomain.com) homepage unless I preface the URL with “https://” and then it works correctly. *”http://” does not work – only “https://”*

The goal here is to include these shortened URLs on social media content and in a podcast description, so in an ideal world, the user just types “examp.le/hello” and gets taken right to where they need to go. I think YOURLs is configured correctly, but believe there is something wrong on my hosting side. I’ve played around for a couple of hours and can’t figure out what I may need to change to get the expected behavior.

*TL;DR: Using YOURLS to shorten URLs, URLs are going back to the homepage unless prefaced with “https://”*

Any help would be much appreciated!

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