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Looking for a decent email service for around a hundred websites

We ended up in this situation because we have had all our clients email accounts with an email service provided by our DNS registrar. Unfortunately their service seems to have gone downhill with missing A records, locked web interfaces and such since they were bought out by another company and the service seems to have deteriorated. Well in this last chapter of this saga their email server has gone down and it’s been down for awhile now. Reading between the lines it seems they may have been hacked and they’re trying to recover their reputation after ending up on spam black lists. This has effected all our clients.

Had a look for your suggested hosts on sidebar but sorry, could not find it. I think email hosting might be a little outside the usual. Most of our sites are wordpress but anything that works with SMTP plugins in WordPress. Not sure of our exact budget but I think $7/mo per mailbox would be a little bit on the high side and I think that’s what our current service provider, broken as they are, are looking to charge us in the future. We’re currently on a legacy plan with them.

Can anyone offer suggestions on email hosting. I think we need more than just mailgun although that might satisfy a lot of our use cases. I think we at least need to be able to offer inboxes and a web portal for checking emails to our clients. Can anyone assist? Thanks.

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