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New to Web Development and Lost with Hosting

Over the last few months I have been teaching myself Web Development. I have a little bit of a handle (as much as you can in a few months) on the frontend stuff and understand some of the basics of the back end stuff, but when it comes to putting it online I am lost.

I did a course on Udemy and at the end we completed a PERN Stack app and deployed it with Heroku. That was simple enough but I am not sure how it would work for more real world development.

I am nearing completion of a site I made for my wife’s Etsy business. Nothing crazy, just utilizing the Etsy API with NextJS and NodeJS/ExpressJS. Now I am lost at what to do for deployment.

I made a simple portfolio site and it lives on GH Pages with a custom domain, but I want to move this away eventually too.

Would something like Nixihost work? Or is that only for Frontend stuff? Do I need to host the Frontend there with the backend being on something like Heroku/Digital Ocean/AWS/etc?

I would like something that is expandable as a I have a couple more friends and family projects lined up that will probably be using NextJS at the minimum plus a couple that may need a NodeJS server as well.

Any help would be appreciated, this part really confuses me and searching online doesn’t seem to be helping.

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