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Recent Terms of Services Update


We do not allow disposable or temporary email addresses. Accounts associated with such email addresses will be permanently removed.

Free Basic accounts can be used for a prolonged service evaluation, but for the terms no longer than 6 months. After that period expires,  users have to upgrade to any paid plan or cancel the service.

Free Basic account users agree to receive our commercial newsletters. If you unsubscribe form our newsletter we keep the right to suspend your Free Basic account.


You can request immediate account and all associated data removal by contacting our support team.

In case you create an account with a 7 days trial period and wish to discontinue it before the end of the trial period, you have to cancel your subscription via your RSS Ground account or via your payment provider account. If you fail to cancel your RSS Ground account within the trial period you will be charged an agreed fee and a recurring billing cycle will be automatically created starting from the date of the end of the trial period.

User rights

We provide support and communication only in English. We cannot guarantee that we will correctly understand your issue and provide a quality support in case it is submitted in other languages.

We have zero tolerance towards disrespectful behavior and rudeness in your support communications or comments. Such a behavior may be the reason for removal from the Services.


We do not allow the use of bots, macros, automated systems, scripts or algorithms to work with our tools, specifically for generating or importing feeds, creating or updating posting campaigns and creating or updating content widgets.

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