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Post recycle

In RSS Ground automated posters we use an advanced system which avoids posting duplicate content. Your posting campaign by default will not post the same content over again. With “Post recycle” option you will be able to re-post same content multiple times. This option is especially  useful for affiliate marketing and products feeds posting.

Feeds preview

We have already implemented feeds editing feature. But now we plan to go even further, and add an option to allow you to preview feed’s content before you generate it.  This will make the process of feeds generation much more efficient. 

Shopify Poster

Many of you voted for Shopify feeds generator that was already added to our arsenal of content sources. And now we about to develop a brand new Shopify poster. Shopify poster will make automated posts to Shopify blogs and add products from affiliate feeds to your Shopify stores.

However we need your opinion on this tool, and invite you to take part in our NEW SURVEY.

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