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VPS requirements for a real estate website with many listings.

I find myself in the situation that I have to upgrade my storage to setup a staging site to get some support from a plugin developer on my website.

Currently we are having stability issues and timeouts but its most likely plugin (WPML translation) related which I cant troubleshoot with support until I have a staging site setup that they can look at.

I have currently 75GB which im using 52 GB of. So Im looking to upgrade and renew my contract with A2hosting. Their support is quite good.

Current VPS hostting packages at A2hosting: [https://imgur.com/a/LW47arQ](https://imgur.com/a/LW47arQ)

Ill probably do a 1 year plan and should upgrade to the smallest package that has 150 GB SSD. Which will be 50$ a month for 1 year. Would it be worth it to upgrade to the Mach 8 package for 8 GB ram and 150 NVME SSD? Server will be in Singapore, we are based in Thailand.

We typically upload 100+ images a day when we add new listings to our real estate website using wordpress, which also has that delay of creating 6-7 thumbnails while uploading.

How much of a difference would it take make for non-cached backend stuff if I use NVME SSD? We use Cloudflare and wp-rocket so frontend wouldnt make a big difference im guessing.

Thanks in advance!

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