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Why The Skyscraper Technique Is More Important Now Than Ever

Why The Skyscraper Technique Is More Important Now Than Ever

Search engines are becoming OBSESSED with quality content

Thanks to Hummingbird, RankBrain and now EAT algorithms, Google is plugging away in the background analyzing millions of pieces of content to understand what authority, relevance and quality looks like in content. 

It’s essentially an auto-updating, self-learning algo bot (We’re in the future people, and it’s scary). 

Gary Illyes, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, actually described Google EAT as “Millions of baby algorithms”. How terrifying does that sound? Correct answer: Very. 

EAT is Google’s official guidelines for delivering a quality experience online. It’s about three key things:

  1. The quality of the content 
  2. The authority of the creators of that content
  3. The website itself

Aside from its self-learning algorithm, Google employs 10,000 people as ‘Quality raters’ around the world. 

It’s no longer the glory days when search engines were uncrowded and uncomplicated, when your ideas were still unique and drove high traffic with low effort, or when you could add a title tag and you’d be up and away! Top of page one, no problem. 

Content now has to ✨ spark joy ✨ for users, quality raters and in the eyes of those creepy “baby algorithms” for it to be successful. No sweat 😅 

And it’s not just search engines…

We’re seeing significantly more algorithm updates on Facebook and all social networks. Our content has to work harder than ever before.

We’re also better at understanding what quality content looks like

It’s not just the bots getting smarter. We are too. We’ve got tech-up-to-our-eyeballs, we’re far savvier than the audiences of yesteryear. WE KNOW TOO MUCH. 

Success is not just about the quality of our content – it’s about our connections

So we know that EAT is concerned with authority and semantic connections, when deciding whether to rank a piece of content. 

But Rand Fishkin recently published a theory suggesting that links will, one day, no longer be a vital part of the equation. 

In fact, he suggests that they’ll be replaced by ‘inferred links’ – semantic references connecting topics and keywords to a brand and its content.

It’s not just about creating content that is good enough to build links anymore. It’s about crafting content that is so good, it showcases your expertise on a subject matter, and gets you recognized by authoritative sources that have the power to push your content even further.

Seven-ish years down the road since the Skyscraper Technique and the 10x Strategy, the focus on quality content and connections has only been magnified.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the pressure to create top-tier content every time I open a Google Doc 😅 😅 😅

Although these theories are clearly still relevant, there’s definitely some steps we can take to make them more 2021 friendly. I’ll walk you through them in this blog.

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